• Why does the estimated travel time increase when i export it to my Sat Nav?

    also what is the difference between a route and a track?

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    @Ian-Syphas There could be a number of reasons why the estimated time is different. Including time of day (traffic) and map used for route planning. It is only an estimated time that has a built in margin. The timing becomes more accurate the closer you get to your destination.

    Routes and tracks:
    This was taken from the TomTom forum:

    Routes contains only the waypoints in the order you want to visit them, no info at all about a specific route.

    They are dynamic and calculated each time you opened them according to your settings and traffic conditions, time, etc.

    If you want to follow a more specific route you’ve to add some intermediate waypoints to guide it and not let it to calculate other alternative routes, and it’s good to have the same settings, map, and software...

    A track is like a record that you may play later... It contains hundreds of trackpoints that defines a route. No calculations are made, and of course any settings and traffic data are ignored.

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    Hi Ian, of course I don't know the specific device you have, but I can give a general explanation that could explain this.

    on many satnavs calculations are still done on-board using locally available sat-nav data. Online services such as MRA Navigation, Waze, Google etc. all use live updated traffic data. The frequency of data updates plays a large role in the difference in travel time. For example, if the computer uses "guesswork" based on average delays etc. you could get a wholly different outcome than with a computer that uses live information.

    In general, the latest estimate from online services is the most accurate. As @Nick-Carthew pointed out, your satnav will update accordingly while en-route.

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