Reduced activity, do not worry! Will be back soon

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    Attention community,

    As some of you (rightfully) noticed, we've been a lot less active here on the forum lately. Do not worry, we're still alive and kicking. We've read the concerns and complaints and are aware that your visibility is hugely important to your satisfaction. We understand this and I personally want to reassure everyone that as your community manager I'll ensure a swift return to full activity.

    Thank you for your participation,

    Save travels,


  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA

    First, let me re-assure you, I am not worried, I just stopped putting anything on MRA to avoid having wasted my time in case this site goes down and as said in another post, I would appreciate a feature that allows me to regularly download all my stuff from the site as backup, just in case. Apologies for these harsh words, but not having any reply to a support ticket in 5 months time does not create confidence.

    Second, I would like you to think about sending emails around with publicity for a new and exciting feature, creating utter confusion as to what the impact of this thing will be on pricing, another email postponing it all for two weeks, and a third postponing it indefinitely, without adding a sentence: "If you would like to remain updated on this exciting development, please consult our new forum at url xxx where we will respond to all your questions and keep you updated on the progress of our work.".

    Would this not have been better than several months of total radio silence? You even have a special category on the forum for these matters.

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    Dear Drabslab,

    While I understand your concerns and reasoning leading to those conclusions, I assure you that they are unfounded. There is no reason for concern regarding the health of MyRoute-app. That said, I agree that some of our emails regarding MRA Video might have caused some confusion. We take your point (and have received similar feedback from other users as well) and we'll get back to you about that. Next week you (along with everyone else that's interested in MRA Video) should receive a new, informative, email regarding this new product.

    As for the impact on pricing of MRA Video, overall we've already broadcasted that there will be an across-the-board increase in pricing for recurring subscriptions. This is because MyRoute-app has many licence suppliers many of who are monopolists in their field. Worse yet, sometimes we'll have third parties whose sole target is selling those licences for the most unacceptable rates because they have no further market incentive (obviously only after a year after you've integrated their services)That's also part of the reason why it's taking longer. We're discussing more sustainable prices with our suppliers, trying to leverage what we've got with them for a healthier future.

    Perhaps that's also part of the reason why our communication on this subject could've been better. In all honesty, we dislike having "pricing" as our key ongoing discussion both internally as well as externally because it's not why we're here. Every single one of us on the team wants to build amazing experiences for as many people as possible. That's why we'll always protect the BASIC status on the routeplanner, why we consistently add new features and why we try to use our resources as clerverly as possible.

    Again, you make valid points. Your ticket should have been answered within a day (I'm uncertain as to why this happened and have forwarded this to our support team) and our communication should be better. It will, and as proof of that I tried to be as candid as possible in this message.

    Thank you, and kind regards,


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