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  • Hi folks
    I’ve recently got into MyRoute for planning routes then exporting them to my Garmin Zumo 395, which works ok. On my latest route - Manchester to portsmouth, no motorway, MyRoute estimated the time at 4 hours 56 mins. But in the Garmin, it estimates over 6 hours…. More than an hour longer! Any idea why this might be?

  • can you share the MRA route here, if I do a route from Manchester to Portsmouth and choose Avoid Tolls, and Avoid Highways it suggests a time of 6h 8m with Tomtom Maps or 5h 50m with Here maps. (Also if you just use google maps directly and avoid highways and tolls, it estimates between 5h34 and 6h 4m). Interestingly though, if I choose OpenStreetmap and plot the route that tomtom would take it suggests a time of 5h 4m for the same tomtom route!
    Is your Garmin taking in to account live traffic conditions when it generates the route?

  • @SWM-Mx5
    Thanks for the quick reply. Here’s my link to the route:
    My Garmin doesn’t consider live traffic as far as I can tell.
    Btw, I’m only on the freebie version of MRA so I’m limited which maps I can run

  • @Mal
    I see you have no waypoints between "5" and "6", so your route in the app uses the M4 from Swindon to Newbury and then M3 and M27 from WInchester to Portsmouth.
    If you have set your Garmin to avoid motorway, then it will not use these faster routes.
    I recreated your route using the Here map (used by Garmin) and compared it with Avoid Highways setting and it gave a time of 5h 48m.
    Try adding more waypoints to your route to avoid the M4, M3, M27 etc. and see if that brings the times closer together.

    (oh and the post above from SWM MX5 is my non gold account I use for testing routes I share)
    Yellow route is your route, black is using Avoid Highways.

  • @Captain-Haddock
    Clever stuff! I’d not spotted that.
    Until recently I just used the satnav “a to b” option, and just told it to avoid motirways or whatever.

    So I’m new to this whole idea of adding your own waypoints in MRA then exporting it.

    So if I create say a non motorway route in MRA, but my Garmin nav preferences are set to “allow motorways”, will the Garmin recalculate on “its own terms”, potentially creating quite a different route?

  • @Mal
    I would say yes to that, my understanding is each satnav has it's own routing algorithm, as does google maps, so when you create a route in MRA with few waypoints, each satnav uses it's own algorithm between waypoints so you can get differences in route driven.
    MRA addresses this if you have a Gold subscription with the "Compare Route" functionality which highlights differences as you create your route and you just add extra waypoints until the routes are the same (as the differences show in the image above).

    The basic subscription uses Openstreetmap, Garmins use the "Here" map, Tomtom uses it's own maps, MRA Gold gives you the choice of these maps.

    What you need to do is increase the number of waypoints however as you are using the Openstreetmap, you won't be able to get your Garmin to follow the route exactly, you get as close as possible by using additional waypoints.

    The route you created was pretty accurate to where you want to drive but chose the motorways because Avoid Highways wasn't an option in the freebie version of MRA


  • @Captain-Haddock
    That’s really helpful cheers.
    I’m going to have a play now doing a similar route…. Mainly non motorway to get down south, them motorways etc for the fast bit into portsmouth. I’ve now set my Garmin to allow motorways, so it will be interesting to see how it compares.
    I’ve got all day to get down to portsmouth for an overnight boat, so interesting roads are preferable to m6 etc on my trike 🙂

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