Experience with MRA

  • Experience with MRA

    Hi. I drove 5300 km only with MRA,:-) Garmin was there as a backup but was never used. The journey went
    via Austria, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, North Herzecovina, Bosnia, CroatiTa, Italy back to Switzerland.

    As a device I have a Huawei P30 Pro. Unfortunately, I also drove a few days in the rain and the mobile did a great job.
    Normal rain does not disturb the display, large drops can be registered as input which rarely happened.
    Charging was done via the USB socket. MRA draws quite a bit of power, without charging 5 hours are possible then there is still 20% battery left.
    The P30Pro does not exactly have a small battery.

    I deliberately drove permanently offline, although I had a TravelSIM. Yes, you should download the route sonnst you are looking for
    an open network which is not always easy 🙂
    Route planning is always done in the hotel with WLAN on a MS Surface tablet which makes it easier from the size.

    Positives and negatives:

    Navigation APP:
    -Sometimes very slow. Offline. 250m left turn although I am already at the turn. The impatient behind me quit that with honking. It was not due to GPS reception,
    I have checked several times using GPS app.
    -Exit from the route, and re-enter. "Route is calculated" App hangs. After a few hundred meters, the app catches again.
    -I get lost and have no idea where I am. Zooming out works, but the orientation of the map is no longer correct. The center button
    would be extremely useful here because suddenly north is no longer up.
    -POI. I am looking for a hotel. Of course in the direction where I want to go. Here it would be cool if the hotels would be displayed on the map.

    -Route was left!!!!!! Here is missing the function "Recalculate Yes or No" A killer feature which must be installed!!!!


    • Set waypoints without integrating them into the navigation. Like in Basecamp. Set multiple WP, make them route and save as standalone route.
      -simple display of multiple routes as in Basecamp. E.g. A: nice weather B: rain. This function is available but only ONE can be edited.
      -Can start your own WP
      -Favorites in categories

    So, I apologize, much text 🙂

    Conclusion: I would certainly not buy a Garmin again. My P30 Pro is a top Devise, certainly a device of the upper price range but it's worth it. With the https://www.travsim.de/
    equipped makes traveling fun.

    What remains is the disadvantage that my P30 Pro does not recognize the glove. However, this is a HW problem and MRA can not do anything.


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  • Instructor

    there are gloves for sale with a special fingertip that you can use to operate your phone. I have a set of Held, there is a symbol on the index finger tip. This one suits me well.

  • What remains is the disadvantage that my P30 Pro does not recognize the glove. However, this is a HW problem and MRA can not do anything.

    @Kudee, for the touchscreen issue I have sown a conductive thread into my finger tips. This way the gloves are conductive and therefore responsive on the capacitive touchscreens. I've also soaked some fingertips with graphite spray which also works fine!

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