Saving Route To PC and Copying To Garmin

  • A simple question - the solution may not be within MRA but someone might be able to help me.
    I like to save my routes on my PC in folders which relate to their function - Rally, car, bike, home etc.

    When I connect my Garmin to the PC via the data cable and cut & paste the routes into the Garmin's GPX folder the routes aren't recognised by the 'Trip Planner' as they were on my old Garmin Nuvi 2xx7. You can see the six routes on the screen dump of the GPX folder but only 2 routes are visible in the trip planner application (route Export GPX 1.0 has been split by the system)

    DSCN6531.JPG . I've tried all the different formats of the GPX files available.
    Garmin GPX folder.jpg

  • Looks like the Zumo XT?

    If that's the case you have to export the BETA 1.1

  • @Matt-Flaming

    Not the XT as that’s what I use.
    The XT Garmin Logo is on the short edge bottom left.


    If you post the actual Garmin model I’m sure someone will help.

  • @Steve-Lynch Given the drive label in the PC screen shot, it's a Garmin Drive 5 Plus. Unfortunately, that leaves me none the wiser!🙂

  • Sorry forgot the Garmin model but it is a Drive 5 as PAD 0 surmised.

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