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  • Hello Everyone,

    I have been using the MRA free version for a few years and have really liked it. I was using Tyre before that and Garmin MapSource before that. I decided to get the MRA gold membership to support the product developers and got a pleasant surprise at the additional features it was capable of providing. I'm really looking forward to making good use of the gold membership now.

    I would consider myself a long distance motorcycle rider, and am on my 8th motorcycle. I am currently riding a 2010 Suzuki VStrom and use a Garmin 590LM as my GPS with a Cardo Pactalk Bold as my bluetooth helmet communicator. I often lead and have helped organize many rides in Ontario exploring the many twisty roads we have. I also ride regularly down to explore the Smoky Mountains and also lead rides in that area. Last year I was able to ride across Canada to British Columbia and back over 30 days, which was quite beautiful.

    If anyone has questions about riding routes in Canada or Eastern US, please feel free to ask.
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    Hi @Shane-Kingsley,

    Welcome to the forum.
    Yes, MRA is a great product and it just keeps getting better.

    Canada and the US also seem like great countries to explore by motorbike.

    If you have any questions about MRA or routes, feel free to ask them here.
    Did you know that there is an English-language help section on the forum?

  • Welcome @Shane-Kingsley . One day I will get to visit Canada and ride my bike there. What would you say is the best route in Ontario and what time of year?

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    @Shane-Kingsley Welcome to the forum. Once a gold member always a gold member 😉

  • @Dave-J-0 For a comprehensive listing of the best roads in Ontario by motorcycle, see the link in my signature for something I have put together and updated over the years.

    That said, one of the most scenic rides is along the north shore of Lake Superior. The lake is so huge we could be mistaken for thinking it's an ocean. The Trans Canada highway follows along the north shore of this lake for over 700km. It can be a bit cold up there so the best time of year is in our summer (July/August). There are ample services to stop and rest, camp, eat or take in the views along the many beaches. It's a very popular motorcycle route with a lot of scenic stops and hiking. The photo below is somewhere near the far right (east) side of the lake.
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master Thanks and no I did not know there was an English language help section - I'll be sure to use it when the time comes!

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