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    For those that don’t see the Facebook posts:

    As many users have noted, we have highlighted some projects from the RoadMap. This week, while the team is working hard on this, Timo wants to reflect on that change. Why do we do that and what does this mean for the future? Effectively, after Update 1.2, the update in which we improved our shop and tour generator, we would start improving the underlying infrastructure for about 3 months. We have enriched this milestone with two features from Update 1.6, namely the 3D map, MRA Animate and the revision of the RouteXpert Library. The reason for this is that we have received a lot of feedback from our Community about the duration and content of Update 1.2. In fact, many members were waiting for new functionalities while we were working on a shop and payment system. Now it would seem that, according to the old schedule, they would have to wait another month for new relevant functionalities. We take that feedback to heart! And that's why we brought out the RouteXpert Library, the 3D map and MRA Animate. With each of these features I will briefly consider why this development is better done now than later.

    1. As for the RouteXpert Library: this well-known feature attracts millions of visitors. That's not weird either; after all, you will find wonderful pre-made adventures there, completely free of charge. They are made by the RouteXperts. Our RouteXperts are less active in the motorcycle season (as a motorcyclist you would of course like to ride a motorcycle) and more active in the winter. To make sure everyone benefits from that rhythm, we're now bringing the Library forward in the RoadMap. In this way, the user will soon have access to more and more beautifully presented routes and the Xperts will enjoy a nicer business card and a better basis on which to present their routes.
    2. The 3D map would have been developed in the same milestone (Update 1.6.) as the RouteXpert Library. We want to finish both features at the same time so that we can potentially link functionalities based on their use. We think it's a nice dream that users will eventually be able to view routes from the Library in 3D and in MRA Animate. That's why we wanted to present a first iteration and introduction to an interactive 3D map in Update 1.3. This feature is already live, just like MRA Animate.
    3. MRA Animate is an odd one out that no one expected. The reason for MRA Animate comes from restoring MRA Video in a way that fits within the membership of MRA Routeplanner Gold. More functionality, better user experience and higher shareability. Those were our goals for MRA Video, which we have now placed in Animate within the existing MRA Routeplanner Gold memberships.

    Overall, the changes we've made to the RoadMap are only for the benefit of our members. We do what you ask: more functionality and solving existing problems. That’s why we work hard every day to keep MRA Routeplanner the number one route platform.

  • Thanks for the update @Nick-Carthew. I appreciate the bringing forward of some of the 1.6 aspects and I look forward to some of the other Roadmap aspects being completed. In particular, 1.4 with the 'Club' aspects is one that I have a real interest and what that I spoke with Timo about a while ago. What would be handy, is a very rough timescale so that I can understand what sort of timeline MRA are working too. Totally understand that schedules are fluid but it would be really useful to be given a broad indication as I have club members asking when we can expect the change.

    Really appreciate all the work MRA are doing and would like a bit more communication on when we can expect new features and when the roadmap changes. Agree that new features should be for the benefit of members.

  • RouteXperts

    @Dave-J-0 Sorry Dave, I can't answer that. Maybe Timo will see this and be able to shed some light on it for you.

  • Thanks for the update.
    The recently published innovations are major improvements to MRA. I think a lot of users will be happy with that!
    I hope you take the time now to update the roadmap.
    And from now on, please take a moment to inform users more quickly about innovations to be introduced.

  • Thanks @Nick-Carthew just wondered if you had been told anything. Just trying to understand what is going on. 😃

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