Late Voice Guidance & Occasionally Missing Altogether at Individual Junctions

  • I’m posting this here rather than in ‘self help’ because I think this might be more a discussion than me seeking help from other members.

    As per the title, voice guidance is fairly frequently delivered decidedly late - sometimes right at the junction, or even just after it. I’ve mentioned this before. Likewise that sometimes guidance is not delivered, despite the feature (usually a roundabout) being present on the map view.

    I could open a support ticket, but I’m not sure where responsibility lies in this. Is it down to the supplier of the voice guidance? In which case, who is that? HERE maps? Is it an app glitch that affects timing? Is it gps related? Etc, etc.

    Does anyone have any knowledge or thoughts on this, please? Up to today, I haven't been inconvenienced by this as I’ve been testing the app on known territory. Today, I wasn’t on known territory and was inconvenienced.

    Happily, other than this, Navigation behaved faultlessly again today. It would be great to get rd of this glitch though.

  • @PAD-0 I confirm the somewhat odd behaviour of late voice guidance occasionally. I look at the screen quite frequently so it hasn't posed any real problem thusfar, but I do find it annoying sometimes.

    Android 10 OnePlus 6 phone.

  • @StefanHummelink Thank you. So we know this is not isolated to one operating system. I try to minimise looking at the screen while riding. I find it detracts from all the other hazards.🙂

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