Shaping points vs Via points on a Garmin

  • I'm confused.

    If shaping points are basically "suggestions" and Via points are "Required" for a route why wouldn't you just make all points Via points. If I make the route using the "HERE" map and import it to a Garmin wouldn't this guarantee the route on MRA would indeed be the same on my Zumo?

  • @Greenham
    When you plan a route from A to Be, it is calculated according to certain parameters and algorithms. One would like to have stops on a route for a coffee break or for a sightseeing. These points are via points and must be visited. If this is not possible for certain reasons, you have to use the skip function. This then results in the route being recalculated.
    Shaping points on the other hand are used to force the route over certain roads. These points do not have to be passed, but you can drive past them without problems and recalculation, for example, if you are due road work etc.

  • @Reinhard-32
    Forgive me because I am still confused.

    When I ride my motorcycle I make a route on MRA. I want the Garmin to take me EXACTLY on the route I made in MRA. I figured a VIA point would make sure my Garmin takes me on that route.

    Is that correct?

    If I use shaping points to make a route for the motorcycle trip and miss one of the shaping points then Garmin will "recalculate" the route to something different than what I planned using MRA.

    Is that correct?

    If those two are correct I don't know the value of the shaping point IF you know what route you REALLY WANT TO TAKE

  • Instructor


    What kind of Zumo do you have / use? Via-point are only working on an Zumo XT right now.

  • @Greenham That is depending your Zumo. Please tell us first your exact Zumo model. The behavior of route handling is different between the Zumos

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master I have the Zumo 396. So if I read you guys right. Via points and Shaping points are in basically the same thing. Hope for the best

  • Instructor

    No Via points, you really want to visit them, so you have to skip them manually. Shaping points form your route, I want to drive on those roads.

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