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  • Hi There!
    I am searching for a function to plan an e.g. 14-day trip.
    To better see the daily distance I am looking for a function comparable to "overnight stay" which resets the daily distance so that I can see the planned driving time per day. To make one route by day is a bit complex (e.g. I have to set starting point for every day. Used the search function - did I miss something?
    Thanks in advance!

  • You can planing a roughly route over the 14 days with few waypoint. At the left hand side in the waypoint list you can see the driving time between the waypoints. If finished you can split the route at the desired waypoints. The endpoint from the first segment is the starting point for the second segment an so on. Afterwards make the fine tuning for each route segment.

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    You can make your starting point a favorite, so you can select this from the menu on the left site.
    Create a folder where you store the routes
    Create a new route using start date and time
    Use via-points where you want to stop ( if you are using MRA Navigation or a Zumo XT)
    Use pause timing so the total duration of your route is calculated

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