Slow Loading a Route on TomTom550

  • Hello and Happy New Year everyone-
    I put together this ride, transferred to the 550 as ITN .Designed on TomTom map, compared to HERE map, all looked good. Transferred to GPS. all looked good. When loading the route, it takes the GPS 2-3 minutes to get past 21% loading point to finish. I rode all these roads previously and know them. Did I miss a mistake anywhere? it looked good on the computer,it's on the device where I see the glitch in the loading. Also loaded as track and that has no issues.

    Ishai Ratz

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    Hi Ishai,

    Happy New Year to you too.
    You can use the TomTom Rider gpx 1.1 for your TT550

  • Using GPX1.1 will export as track, not route, right? I wanted to export as route. Also the trip I linked to is the only one from about 20 trips I exported to the 550 that behaves this way. Non of the other routes exhibited similar behavior.


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    @Ishai-Ratz Happy New Year. I can't see too many problems with your route. Yes, .gpx 1.1 is a track as opposed to an .itn route and in my opinion the .gpx 1.1 is a better option, but of course that is your choice. I have adjusted a few route points on your route, see if that makes a difference.;-76.5080112218855;11///

  • Hi Nick- thanks for taking the time. I exported your test trip as ITN route, and it made no difference in the time it took the GPS to load that as a route. It took 2 1/2 minutes being stuck at 20% (as you changed the waypoints a bit compared to my original) as opposed to 21% load on my original trip. Wandering what makes the GPS stuck at that point.

    Can you elaborate a bit why your preference is to use tracks as opposed to route ?


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    Can you elaborate a bit why your preference is to use tracks as opposed to route ?

    Hi @Ishai-Ratz I'm sorry to hear that you are still having problems with the .itn route. I have no idea why this is happening!
    I used to have a v2 TT Rider that only used .itn and then I switched to a Rider 500. I missed seeing the route points on screen but soon got over that.
    An .itn route is just a list of places in the order you want to visit them. The TT Rider software will calculate a route between all these points according to your settings, like fastest or shortest route. It will also use various map data (See TomTom IQ routes), traffic data etc.

    A .gpx track is like a record of a route ridden in the past. It describes a route meter by meter without deviation. Nothing is recalculated by the TT Rider.
    I plan my routes (.gpx tracks) meticulously (almost metre by metre) and I do not want to be taken away from my intended route because Mr TT knows better! 😂
    I also like the ability to be able to upload a new route via my phone and MRA account without the need to plug in.
    A lot of people still like the .itn format and that's fine, but my personal preference is .gpx (perhaps I'm a control freak! 😊 ).

  • Hello @Nick-Carthew - thanks for your detailed reply. What baffles me is the fact that the GPS gets stuck at that particular point, 21% , which I think is between waypoints 11 and 12, which is a paved road on the TomTom map , for no apparent reason. Oh, well, I will get over it..

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