Changelog 2nd of november 2020

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    This changelog includes resolved issues in the different parts of MyRoute-app. Missing on this list is MRA Navigation, as the Navigation development team works hard on bringing out a new update which isn’t quite ready yet. This update will include several bugfixes as well as the groundworks for Apple Carplay.

    General bugfixes
    • a database issue caused tracks, whether tracked by phone or uploaded through the routeplanner to fail upon uploading. The team has refactored part of the database to make uploading more sustainable.

    MRA Routeplanner bugfixes
    • MRA Routeplanner browser compatibility has been improved for Safari and Internet Explorer.
    • On occasion, the connector software would not work or could not be downloaded. This has been resolved.
    • Some users using older computers would experience that upon creating a new route, several duplicate instances of that route would be created in their library. This has been resolved.
    • exporting to BMW cars has been improved.

    MRA Video bugfixes
    • MRA Video would not be available to some users, this has been resolved.

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