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  • Hi everybody,
    I think it would be nice to have a somehow individual collection of POI's, able to split them in groups/folders (Hotels, Passes, Restaurants, Gasstations etc.).
    One should be able to display them on the map.
    The POI-feature now is a very useful tool to search for interesting points, but when planning routes into known territories I would appreciate a personal overlook and then a quick selection.
    Not every cross at the roadside is interesting,
    quite a few POI's do not have a description and just say "POI",
    if I would be able to set own POI's and name them, publishing would generate a lot of interesting events.
    What do You think?

    I think MRA is great, thanx

  • administrator

    Hi Harley,

    This is already possible. You can upload a POI collection in OV2, GPX, CSV format through the routelab. As far as I know you can export any route with named waypoints such as "good motorhotel x" "nice rest stop y" as such a format and then re-import it as an POI file.

    Kind regards,


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