MRA Routeplanner roadmap questions

  • A clearly visible link from the main menu of the forum, and from the main menu of the routeplanner app would be appreciated.

    Some elements of the roadmap: mobile visuals, real life tracking, life traffic ... seem equally valid for the navigation tool. Should the roadmap be covering all parts of the MRA eco system (route planning, navigation, video) and should this be reflected in the title of the roadmap?

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    Hi Drab, you can find the roadmap via the routeplanner here:
    As for the elements that cross over into "navigation" territory, we're going to work on RoadMaps for both Navigation and MRA Video! As such, there'll be a MRA Navigation Roadmap and a MRA Video Roadmap.

    kind regards,


  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA

    Hai Timo:

    This is really bad, In fact its

    [quote] all life as you know it stopping instantaniously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light" kind of bad.[unquote]

    and that is an understatement!!!!

    Jokes aside:

    MRA, as a relatively small company, is publishing an exciting roadmap on basis of user input, signaling to all users and potential future users that MRA is healthy and growing, and thriving, and enthusiastic and .....*

    then carefully hides the roadmap under a, probably seldomly used, button ony visible to existing clients????

    Is there a contradiction somewhere??? Am I going nuts??? (no,I already am, that was an easy question)

    But still, this roadmap should be broadcasted on the main menu's, it's the best publicity you can ever have.

    PS: I wonder if you know where that quote comes from 🙂

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