MyRoute-app internal architecture upgrades and patching underway

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    Attention community,

    As announced in a previous announcement we've upgraded our internal software architecture. In doing so, we've upgraded and improved many of MyRoute-app's working parts. In addition, some parts have been completely rebuilt. Overall, this has improved performance, scalability and security across the entire platform. As expected with a change of such scale, some things have been broken.

    These breaks usually come from old parts not being connected or authorized correctly to the new parts. Most issues have been resolved already, although please do note that some services may see reduced availability in these days directly after the upgrade.

    Kind regards,


  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA

    Hi Timo.
    I'm facing the problem, that the possibility to store routes directly into TomTom MyDrive does not work since this week.
    I always receive the error message "Please check you login data", but I cross checked and my login data are correct.
    And this arises in the Webb application as well as in the Iphone app.
    Thank you

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