Where to find all Public/Published routes on a map (like the expert library)

  • With reference to the old topic: Re: Route Library... When?

    Dear all,
    I just published one of my routes for the first time and noticed I could not find it in the map of the Library. I finaly found it back in the section called Activity Feed. However only as a post.
    Is there a map as well?

    At the same time I noticed that the activity feed contains way more routes than the Library!
    With some research I realized the original purpose of Controlled routes by experts. Appreciated ofcourse. However I do believe that this is a waste of all non-experts routes that have been placed on public.

    I am personally not so much interested to drive a complete route (in which case it is indeed handy to be sure of the correctness).
    Instead I would like to see on a map if there are routes in a specific region (holiday destination) that can inspire me to create my own routes.

    So the big question:
    Would it be possible to show all public routes (expert + non-expert) in 1 map? The expert routes could be marked with another color or icon.

    Thanks in advance,
    Jean-Paul Pors

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