Base map not working?

  • Importet gpx file form BaseCam, where no problem.
    Here - on MyRoute (WEP App) - Route is blocked before point 4.

    and map is

    MyRoute 2.jpg

    GOOGLE map also create route OK

    MyRoute 3.jpg
    Sory for any mistake


  • @brane-0 hi Brane,

    It seems that part of the 258 is closed at this moment(seasonal close of the road).

    Below I mapped the same route in the HERE map (gold membership function) with the season closes still active in the algorithm:

    Then I switched off the seasonal road closings which is only possible in the HERE Map and you need to be gold member to use HERE, and the route will follow the 258 exactly like you want:

    See this functionality here(Dutch app though):

    If you know for sure that this road is open when you are planning to ride it, you can ignore this "error", since the road will be open as you arrive there. You may also put the route point 5 on "off-road" mode so that the route part between 4 and 5 is sort of ignored and you just drive to point 5 on the 258 without any navi instructions.
    Multiple solutions are possible, it simply comes down to which way you like it.

  • I make phone cal to local hotel. YES, coul happend that road could be closed, because of snow - sesional.
    Thank you ALL. Brane

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