Google opens Android Auto to outside nav apps


    Google’s Android Auto platform continues to expand with more apps, supported hardware, and even its native version arriving on other cars. Today, Google is announcing new changes to apps on Android Auto which, finally, opens the door to more navigation apps on the platform.

    Since its launch, Android Auto has supported Google Maps, but over the years has only opened up to one other, the Google-owned Waze. This satisfies most users, but understandably it’s frustrating for some and also prevents choice. Now, Google has opened up the floodgates.

    In early access for the time being, Google is allowing more navigation apps to work with Android Auto. This starts with partners such as TomTom, MapFactor, and others. Along with more navigation apps, Google is also allowing new apps for parking and electric vehicle charging. SpotHero, for example, is another early access partner for these new categories.

    Today, we’re showcasing our work with early access partners to build apps in new categories for Android Auto, including navigation, parking and electric vehicle charging. Using our new Android for Cars App Library, we’re able to ensure that all tasks within an app can be achieved with minimal glances or taps.

  • @Greenham, That's good news!

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