Myrouteapp out of business ?

  • No response from My Route App.

    After payment(23/06/20) upgrade to lifetime gold member.
    No response from Myrouteapp, after 3 weeks still no adaptation in my account.

    No response to all my mails ...

  • @Alain-Devroye well, I usually defend MRA (small company, good atmosphere, active user community) but if this is correct then they are seriously dropping the ball here.

    Stupid question: are you sure you transferred the money? Did it return because you used the wrong account?

    I know, sounds stupid and really, I don't want to accuse you of anything but this has happened to me in the past so...

    I try to raise it with Timo

  • Hi,

    Payment the 23/06/2020 to NL85 RABO 0188 6663 38
    With my correct mail address.
    Sent 3 mails + via Web ...
    What can I do more ...

  • And the bank account info (the number)is that that I received form MRA by mail

  • @Alain-Devroye I sent a message to Timo who actually works for MRA.

    you could check if they have not silently updated your MRA Web account. Careful, this is not the forum account but the MyRoute-app account (click on: "back to my route app").

    If you do that and you have been upgraded then you should see something like this:


  • Still until 12 april 2023
    I can send you a screendump if you wish

  • Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 10.22.52.jpg

  • If you receive some info please inform me.
    dixit my lawyer.

  • @Alain-Devroye The good thing is that we have until until 12 april 2023 to sort this out 🙂

    Let's see what Timo will react

  • I hope so,
    but because no official response concerning such a post...
    Not to all my mails ...

  • @Alain-Devroye yep, sounds very odd... and not user friendly... which is very untypical for MRA in my experience.

    Let's have some patience and see what happens

  • They just changed it to lifetime member .

    Can I now also please receive the invoice also that I asked for.

    Can I also have a mail from the management explaining this


  • administrator

    Hello @Alain-Devroye,

    Very sad to hear that you've had a bad engagement when trying to upgrade your membership. You did right by coming here to the forum, as there really was no reason why this should have taken so long.

    Your membership was changed and I sent you an email to see if we can figure out the details, let's continue this discussion through mail.

    Moderation notice:
    While this was an important thread to make, and I won't remove it. A title like "MyRoute-app out of business" is a bit clickbaity and would have been immediately removed had the message not been this important. As a result, I've decided not to remove this thread but lock it. That way everybody can see what this was about and how it was resolved.

    As this thread resolves around personal information and getting my attention, both of which were attained, I'm locking this thread for further comment.

    Kind regards,


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