BMW Navigator VI loses waypoints between start and finish

  • Hello,
    I've got the following problem:
    I create a route in MRA with a few waypoints between start and finish then I export it to BMW Navigator VI and the route becomes a track. After importing the track on the BMW GPS it has to be converted back into a Route.

    When I'm driving and I leave the route and want to get back to it, all the "waypoints" are gone and the GPS directs me to a route that is fastest to my "endpoint" which isn't the route I planned anymore. I also can't just restart the original route because the GPS wants me to get back to the starting point.

    So, basically my question is, is there a way to save the "waypoints" that I want to visit along the way from the MRA to my BMW GPS so they aren't lost when I start the route on my GPS.

    Thanks for helping me out,

  • @Horst-Szerb

    Hello Horst, that is the standard behavior off all Garmin/BMW Devices. When you create a route from a track you get a route with two points as result. Nothing between. But I have written a comment about this in the German section of this forum:
    Maybe it will help you.

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    Hallo Horst, when you wil use the route in your Navigator, add more routepoints to your route, toen export the route to your navigator. The route, Track and POI’s are exported.
    Use the route, the route wil be recalculated.
    Try it.

    When you wil share your route use always the track.

  • Hello Guys,
    I have the same problem...maybe.
    I am usign Navigator VI.
    My question is: if go for same reason out of the route and after i want come back on that route, how I can do?
    As @Horst-Szerb Horst wrote there is not a chance to return on a specific waypoint as happen on TomTom.
    @Reinhard-32 i will try to translate you post on German section.

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    With older Zumos and BMW Navigators, when driving on the basis of a Track, turn off recalculation, otherwise you will be guided to the end point via the settings on the navigation system when you leave the route. Also for a route with waypoints, I would turn off recalculation.
    Make the track visible in your navigation system (if possible) and drive back to the route via the visible track line, as soon as you are back on the route you will be given directions again.
    With the new Zumo XT, you can leave the recalculation on.

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