What does adding friends do?

  • I've added a few people, including some RouteXperts, I'd like to follow as friends but from what I can tell this doesn't actually do anything. I'd expect it to bookmark them in my account so I can easily find their shared routes and possibly I'd like to know that it has sent some sort of invite for them to connect with me on the platform.

    Can anyone clarify what the feature is supposed to do or if there is another way of following RouteXpert users?


  • @mattatron

    You get a notifivation as a friend completed a track

  • RouteXperts

    Hi @mattatron. Your friends that have accepted your invite will appear on the left side of the route editor. And as well as what Hans said above about receiving track notifications from friends, you can choose to set route privacy to friends allowing only you and your friends to see certain routes. You sent me a friend request which I have just accepted, I noticed that you don't have any About Me information on your profile. It's always nice to read a little about other members, why not add a few lines about what sort of riding you enjoy. Add where you live too, not your address, but just the basic region, this can lead to meeting up with others in your area or who share your interests. By the way, I've just left a comment on your South East Coast route to Whitstable track 😇

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