MRA Navigation proposals for The Great Suggestion List

  • After some trips made with the MRA Navigation App I've collected some suggestions I'd like to make to the development team:

    • The message you get when the app automatically determined you want to skip a waypoint due to either driving a different route on purpose or since some reason preventing you to follow the instruction, only shows on the screen for a few seconds (5s-10s). Since you are actually taking a different route than the instruction you generally are very focussed on the road and therefore I find the time to cancel the 'auto-skipping' of the waypoint a little short! I would really like to see it take longer so you can get the change to still drive to that same waypoint through a different route by cancelling this auto skip at a 'safe' moment on the road. Maybe make the message configurable? 20s would do it imho!
    • I've got my phone mounted on the bar clamp which does not show the screen directly in your 'driving' vision, like you would have i.e. when having it mounted on your windshield. Therefore I find it hard to detect the waypoints (mainly regarding colored waypoints since they provide additional information such as breaks, photo moments etc.). Obviously you could look at the screen every few seconds or so, but I would really like to see an option which allows you to trigger a sound notification whenever a waypoint (preferably notification set in the waypoint setting in MRA Web) is coming up so you know when to look at the screen for these specific occurrences.
    • The ability to start a roundtour from the navigation app itself instead of making a rondtour in the web environment first. I know that for a lot of people, not having this option, is a dealbreaker for not using the wonderful MRA platform.

    Thanks in advance for taking these suggestions to heart!

    Best regards,

    Stefan Hummelink

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