"Sunny", my 1991 Miata/MX-5

  • Sunny , my Miata (MX-5) followed me home in 2006. After modifying a number of Fieros, then dumping tons of cash into a handful of Audis I was ready for an affordable hobby car. I’d had several Miatas already, so when I saw this one for sale I knew it was the right long-term one for me. Almost 14 years later I’m still as happy as I was in the beginning.


    Although already painted this awesome tangerine color, it did not take me long to start applying my own modifications, and since then she’s seen no less than 9 different sets of tires/wheels, 3 new interiors, several suspension setups and countless mechanical and aesthetic mods. At one point she was supercharged but moved to turbocharging when I installed the bigger engine and she’ll most likely stay that way. The last dyno pull was about 250hp, a great improvement from her factory-original 92hp.


    A few of the upgrades I’ve done include an upgraded motor, turbocharger, transmission, exhaust, differential, brakes, suspension, LED lighting, carbon fiber trim and panels, bespoke “Daytona” interior, all new interior pieces and parts, old-school Nakamichi sound, several top variations and some superb BBS 16” wheels. At this point she’s wearing over 150 separate mods, but the rear brakes, the body sheet metal and the dash are still stock!


    During fair weather months she’s my daily driver and has travelled about 70,000 miles with me, showing about 130,000 on the odometer now. She’s carried me safely from Indiana through another 18 states. I’ve needed to nurse her home on several occasions but those events just galvanize the affection over time, a bonding experience to show what we’ve been through together. She’s most at home carving corners in the mountains but she’s just fine getting me the 2 miles to work and back as well.


    While not as nimble as a motorcycle, she’ll run circles around most 4-wheel vehicles. For my travels she’s been the perfect companion, and in the end that’s all the really counts, right? Zoom-Zoom!


  • @Brian-Liechty Fantastic, sounds like a match made in heaven.

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    Beautiful post @Brian-Liechty and thank you for taking your time to tell us the story of you and Sunny. I really like the aesthetic of these cars, kind of perfectly capturing what I feel to be the spirit of the 90's. I'm not sure if you were gunning for it, but in my opinion your photos perfectly amplify that aesthetic right down to that "I LV SUN" numberplate.

    The interior too is a real eye-catcher, the kind of car you'd expect parked near a sunny beach where passers-by can't help but to throw a look at the interior and be pleasantly surprised. Those floor mats are have an especially nice summer-home look.

    As said before, very nice. Sunny seems truly home in loving hands. I hope you may have many more great adventures.

  • @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA
    Miatas are my favorite car, while not a car guy those cars hit a special nerve in me. I had one for several years and only sold it--to a friend- cause it had a hard time towing my cycle. Got a BMW Z3 which is a good car too and it pulls my bike trailer with ease. Soon after buying the Miata my wife and I took off for the west. Toured national parks and such for a month, only came home cause the money ran out. Best vacation we've had. Don't know if you read anything about the engineer of the car but he said he wanted to convey a sense of "one with the horse". Take care of her, Bub

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    Beautiful car, I think the MX-5 club Netherlands exists 25 years this year. Last year we came across a delegation from the MX-5 club Netherlands in Norway.

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