Waypoint Issue On A Zumo 595

  • I have created a route on MyRoute with about 15 waypoints and downloaded it to the Zumo 595. There is one Home and the rest are in France or Germany. When I select the route in Trip Planner I can see all the waypoints on the screen, so I know there are are waypoints on the device.

    On the home screen however, when I select "Where To" only the Home waypoint appears. I have a vague memory of doing something similar donkeys years ago on the old StreetPilot III and as I set off on a long trip was shocked to see that no waypoints showed up again. In that case, by default I think the GPS unit would only show waypoints within a certain distance eg 20 miles for example of its current location. In that case it made sense that the others didn't show up because the 1st waypoint from home was the Channel Tunnel which is over 260 miles away. When I changed it to search for a waypoint near the route or near destination they all used to show up in the StreetPilot but if I try selecting waypoints near "My Active Route" or near "My Destination" on the Zumo 595 those options are greyed out and can't be selected.

    I am currently using the MyRoute App on a 14 day trial. Is it possible I can't download Waypoints while on the trial? If so, it seems odd but I'm just thinking of possible issues.

  • @Cambell-Evans Hi, not sure I have understood fully. But may I have the same issue - and the explanation is: newer Garmin devices are using WP from MRA only as so called "shaping points". Those are in the Garmin device only used to calculate the route. But are not target Way Points to infirm you, when (which time) You will arrive it, or what's the distance to it.

    Workaround is: after uploading and importing the route into Garmin device, you can edit the route. Select one WP, and tip on its icon in the list. This will change the type from shaping Point to real Way Point.

  • @Guzzist
    Hi Guzzist. Thanks for the reply, but I hadn’t heard that MRA “waypoints” weren’t real waypoints; do you mind me asking where you read that? Having said that, your explanation would explain a few things – eg why no waypoints show up on the device.

    Sadly, I can’t get your workaround to work. If I tap on the icons in the list, I can see the co-ordinates for each MRA “waypoint” but I don’t have the option of seeing it on a map and creating a proper waypoint on the device that way. No matter what I tap on, it still doesn’t show in Favourites.

    This is a real issue for me. At the moment I am trying MRA on a trial basis. If I can’t download proper waypoints from it, I can’t see me subscribing – which is a real pity as I quite like it.

  • @Cambell-Evans Now I have new/more information. You may do it with your Garmin device to compare.

    I created a route on PC with MRA. Then I exported that Route by USB connection as GPX 1.1 to my Garmin396.
    Result: route in Garmin396 has only "shaping points". If I start navigation, ther is only a starting and an end point. Navi shows me only distance and time to target (end) point.

    If I exported the same MRA route by USB connection as GPX 1.0 to my Garmin396.
    Result: route in Garmin396 has real way points. If I start navigation, there are all way points and Navi shows me distance and time to next waypoint as well as distance and time to target (end) point.

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