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    Hello all,

    I guess it'd be nice to introduce myself here since everybody is doing it. I've been working @ MRA since 2014, back then in the capacity of the Lead Designer. I designed the recognizable Blues-on-white color scheme of MRA, and made pretty much all the graphical elements on the apps and website. Whether it was a small symbol or a trailer-length video, I tried to live up to it.

    Since June 2019 I've switched to a fulltime (36h/w) role here at MRA and taken up the role of Community Manager with an integrated Design task package. This means I'm not just trying to put my creativity in visuals anymore but I'm also actively trying to create nice-to-read pieces and counterbalance most commercial activities with community-oriented activities. Aside from that I'm the go-to guy for anything related to Ambassadorship, RouteXperts, Instructors and Partners. I try to learn as many names in this community as possible (sometimes cheating by keeping excel tabs) because I strongly believe that a personal connection is better than a generic process for managing the community, even if the process might be less time consuming.

    Describing your own personality is always hard, but I like to believe that I'm good humoured, reliable, honest and protective of the dignity of my coworkers, friends and loved ones. I'm prone to bouts of chaos, maybe because I enjoy creating order out of chaos. My (by others who get to know me oftenly remarked as) stiff and businesslike appearance contrasts with approachable character. If you'd ask me what my go-to brand is, I'd wait a few moments to make it seem like I'm carefully considering several options whil I could've told you within a milisecond that that brand is by far BMW.

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    With suits that sharp - be careful that you don't cut yourself 😁 You do a good job Timo, keep up the good work 👍

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    @Nick-Carthew-RouteXpert Thanks Nick, I do what I can 😁

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