Using a Chromebook?

  • I'm considering getting a Chromebook and upgrading to Gold. It looks like I have to download Connector in order to load routes to my Garmin 396. I see instructions for Windows and OSx, but not Chrome. Can I use MRA on a Chromebook and load routes into my Garmin? How would I do that?

  • @Michael-McDonald
    Read this before you buy a chrombook and be aware of the limitations.

  • If Connector is not working - if I'm right, ChromeBook has USB-Ports - so, you can load routes also as GPX-File onto your Garmin396.

    If I'm also right, some ChromeBooks can use Android Apps. Then There is another Option: I'm using on my Android-Tablet the Garmin-App "Smartphone Link". With this, you can upload GPX-File wireless onto your Garmin396.

  • Thank you Guzzist for your suggestion. I'll check that out if I decide to get a Chromebook.

    But I also realized that I didn't need to ask the question. MRA is a cloud app. So I can plan routes on the Chromebook (an assumption I hope is true - can someone verify) and then use my MacMini to accomplish the transfer to my Garmin since I will be doing this before a trip, not while on a trip.

  • @Michael-McDonald

    Sure, you can use MRA by every kind of a browser at every device, independend of Operating System.
    May do it as I like to do if I prepare trips as guide for several groups: at home, I do route planning (very detailed) at a PC with big Monitor. Group members are often asking:" long is the distance to next Gas Station, Restaurant, Toilet?" As good group leader, I will be prepared 😉

    Then I transfer the routes onto my Garmin396. I prefer on my Bike a real Navi, because of water proof, better use with gloves etc.
    But I'm going to practice navigation by Smartphone with MRA Navigation App during hiking...

    Later on Tour, if we decide to change some routes, I do it on my Tablet. This needs less space in luggage than a Laptop and route planning is much easier by Tablet and MRA, than by Garmin396.
    Then I transfer the new route via Garmin-App "Smartphone Link" wireless onto Garmin396.

    Additional benefit: traffic information will be transferred also wireless ongoing from Smartphone onto Garmin396 - and the Navi will recalculate automatcally the active route in case of detour or blocked road.
    Also nice fearure: WhatsApp messages will also be displayed on screen of Navi device.
    But to use this connection with Navi and Smartphone during driving, you will need to have power cable from Bike to Smartphone.

    Life can be so easy 🙂

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