Force route on uncommon road

  • How do I force a route, even if straight line, on a road that is not recognized by any of the map formats? It is a "forest road" but the app keeps saying "road closed" and wont let me draw a line...

  • In the Toolkit menu there is an “Offroad” option that will allow you to add points.
    If you use the openstreetmaps map and you can see the track/byway etc you will be able to plot the route on it
    However, depending on what you use to navigate whilst driving it will not navigate on most Sat Navs or mobile apps if it is not officially a road.
    The Garmin Zumo XT can do it by making the track visible on the map but you will not get any waypoint of any kind if it is not officially a road.

  • @ET79

    put a waypoint just in front and just behind that strech of road, like here point 1 and 2

    select the second waypoint and click on the car symbol


    Then MRA skips that stretch of road, but you can still ride it


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