Feature suggestion - Remove invitations from the past

  • We are a local motortourclub and decided last year to move the calendar including registration and routes from our own website (www.mtc-tet.nl) to MRA. Now one year later we have evaluated the use of MRA. Everybody is very pleased with the possibilities of MRA. So that's great! However there are some features we like to suggest and this topic is one of them, namely:

    When we plan an event we invite all the persons who are part of our club (uing the group-option) but when a person don't make his personal decision to decline or accept the invitation the event will be listed on his/her personal eventlist on the leftside-menu for ever. Example:

    The suggestion is to automaticly remove the invites which are in the past.

  • administrator

    Hi @MTC-TET-Club , why won't you simply decline those old invitations?

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