Garmin Zumo XT + GPX 1.1 (beta) bugs (straight route lines)

  • Hey there,

    Once MyRoute-app released the new .gpx 1.1 beta for the Garmin Zumo XT it was great.
    Giving us the ability to transfer routes with shaping and via points was an awesome feature.

    Since then the Garmin Zumo XT received several updates (maps and firmware) as did MRA?
    I noticed as of late, that a certain bug would appear on the Zumo XT, where the route between certain waypoints would just consist of a straight line instead of following the road like in MRA.
    Route created in MRA

    Route in the Zumo XT

    In the latest picture you can see that the Zumo XT creates a straight line between waypoint 4 and 5.
    This is starting to happen on multiple routes. But when it does, itโ€™s completely random which waypoints it chooses to do it so.

    Anyone else with this issue occurring?
    And what would be the problem. Does this have to do with MRA or with the Garmin Zumo XT.

    p.s. when I let the Zumo XT convert the track to a route, it works fine and lets the whole route follow the road.

  • Instructor

    The developers are working on it, they know where the problem is. Once modified, it can be tested by the testers before going into production.

  • administrator

    Hi @Siem-van-Malm

    As others pointed out, our devs are on it. We're not being kept up to date by Garmin through official channels and their development documentation on these kind of files is pretty much non-existent. It seems that occasionally they change the layout of the GPX file simply for fits and giggles, adjusting arbitrary values from "0" to "1" with absolutely no clue as to what that does exactly or why that adjustment had to be made by them.

    Long story short, until Garmin provides better documentation or a direct channel to have discourse relating to this, we'll be occasionally fixing these things. We've reached out about it, but so far no response. ๐Ÿ˜ž

    kind regards,


  • Instructor

    Problem is solved

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