Feature request: front and rear view

  • When selecting street view, the default picture shown usually looks at a side of the road:


    I would prefer that the default would be that it would look "in front of me" , like this:


    I know there is a compas symbol allowing to change the direction of the view but that is rather slow and requires extra clicks compared to a better default (at least when assuming that people would find my suggested defautl better than what is shown now)

    and to be really difficult today: a second "rear view mirror" picture togehter with the "in front of me" view would be the max


  • @Drabslab I could not have described it any better. Thanks for making this a feature request.

    I find myself also continuously manually rotating the view to look at the road, which 70% of the time the street view is used for... 😀

  • @Drabslab @StefanHummelink Hopefully it is not just in Google’s control and MRA can do something. I agree that it spout.d be really handy. Good suggestion.

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