Route recalculation problems...

  • Guys! 🙂


    Well. Maybe not a "solution" but a HALF solution.

    To be frankly I was quite pissed off for this situation...

    Could't sleep 😕

    Last season I used App on my previous Xiaomi Mi9 (android)
    No problems at all.

    On my new Xiaomi Mi11 (android) when I used app in this season - problems 😕

    I put my sim card to my old phone and... Problems...
    I have installed app on my wife's Huawei P30 - also problems!
    I have installed app on my daughter's iPhone11 - and it works! No errors!

    More strange was when I connected my Mi11 to home wifi and...
    App works with no errors on both Xiaomi's and Huawei.

    So problem is ONLY when I use a mobile internet.
    My Xiaomi an wife's Huawei - we have a T-Mobile operator.
    My daughter has an Orange as a provider.

    Well. So T-Mobile has become a suspect one 🙂

    All our home laptops/PC - we use a Nord VPN for a security.

    So I have downloaded Nord VPN on my phone.
    And... Navigation on mobile internet on my Xioami Mi11 when VPN is ON works without any problems!

    And of course I have made a phone call to T-Mobile and explained them what problem is.
    They said a T-Mobile "take care" for a users safety and all "suspicious' servers is blocked by T-Mobile.


    I am quite sure that a MRA Nav do not use a "suspicious" servers.. I hope 😉

    Anyone of you maybe using MRA Nav on T-Mobile in other countries?
    Have such a problems like me?

    I have a fully operated app back 🙂
    All I have to do is run a VPN before I start using it...

    Thanks a lot for support and help 🙂

  • Instructor

    Luckily you found it.👍 Yes, providers also do all kinds of things to improve / secure their software, but often do not take into account what we as users have running on the smartfone for app.

  • @Spili hmmmm your researched yielded some very interesting results.

    Surprisingly I have found to have no problems at all on T-Mobile network... I have two sim cards in my phone and switching between both of them (T-Mobile and Vodafone) does not seem to yield different MRA Navigation behaviour. Hmmm. Maybe it's country related?

    At least you've found a "decent" solution! 😄Happy driving up ahead!

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