Garmin Drive App on iOS crashes on opening (New update from yesterday)

  • Anyone else having issues with the latest version of the Garmin Drive App on iOS that was deployed a day ago.
    Crashes every time on opening for me on iPad Pro.

    Luckily I can still transfer from my Samsung phone.

  • I have updated to 4.15.02 and the app starts without problems.
    iPad pro 14.5.1

  • Instructor

    No problem on my iPhone7s (4.15.02)

  • Thanks for confirmation that it’s ok for you guys.

    I get though the set up stage and can sync to the XT,
    Once I close the Drive app after set up it crashes on opening every time.

    Finding support on Garmin Website for the Drive App just sends me round in circles.
    I’ll have to search some Garmin Forums I guess. 😡

    Thanks again.

  • @Steve-Lynch Same thing here; when sending a .gpx file to the Drive app it crashes.
    After re-installing the app opens without problems, but, as soon as I send a file again for synching it again crashes.
    But this has to do with the update of the iPhone to 14.5.1

  • I’m having the same problems.

    When Transferring Routes from MyRoute-app via Garmin Drive to Garmin XT.

    I am using an iPhone 12 Pro and an iPad Pro running iOS 14.6, both are having the same problem.

    After the recent update of Garmin Drive (updated on 6th May to version 4.15.02), when I send a route from MyRoute-app (any file type) via Garmin Drive to my Garmin XT the Garmin Drive App Crashes.
    If I try and open Garmin Drive again it continually crashes and will not open again.
    I have deleted and re-installed Garmin Drive and MyRoute-app but this does not solve the issue.
    The Garmin Drive app works fine before I try and send the route from MyRoute-app, but after trying to send files from MyRoute-app , the Garmin Drive app again will not open and crashes.

    I can send the route via a PC without any problems.

    The file type I normally send is the .gpx 1.1 (Beta route, track, POI) but have the same issue with all the file types.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • The same here. When I send a GPX File to the Drive App it crashed right now.
    As already mentioned above, this is in combination with my IPAD 14.5.1
    But I can send a destination point to the ZumoXT but no gpx files.

    There is a job for Garmin and Apple to fix this problem.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi All,

    Sorry if you read the previous instance of this post but I have not fixed the issue.
    Prior to testing the Beta GPX file I could open the app no problem, many times.
    As soon as I opened the exported BETA GPX file in the Drive app it crashed and it now continues to crash every time I try to open it?

    Maybe the Drive App update has changed something that has broken the Beta GPX Export?

  • And just to add, I exported the standard Gpx1.1 (Track, POI).
    That did the same thing as soon as as I opened it in the Drive App, it crashed and the Drive App continues to crash every time.

    Obviously I am having to uninstall and reinstall the App each time.

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master said in Garmin Drive App on iOS crashes on opening (New update from yesterday):

    No problem on my iPhone7s (4.15.02)

    Hi Hans,

    The link below is a recording of what what actually happens on the iPAD Pro when I import the Beta GPX to the Drive App.
    I have re-installed the Garmin Drive App and gone through all the set up including syncing my data to the Garmin XT

    You will see me open the Drive App 3 times then you will see me import a route using the Beta GPX file.
    You will see that as soon as I “open In” the Garmin Drive App it immediately crashes.
    You will also see that after this that trying to open Garmin Drive App immediately crashes every time.

    Also after recording this screenshot and posting this I shut down the iPad and rebooted it.
    The Garmin Drive App continues to crash after rebooting the iPad.

    I checked the Android version of Garmin Drive on Google Play and the first couple of Review posts indicate that it also has issues for the recent update.

  • @Albert-Renting exactly the same problem here:-( (iphone 12 ProMax and 14.5.1)

  • @Steve-Lynch same here, and same as many others have reported. I talked to Garmin support who were unaware of any issue. They had me send them a log file to look at. For now I’m exporting from my iPhone 12 Pro Max to an SD card for my Zumo XT. Not nearly as convenient but at least there’s still a way.

  • I did one final check this morning by exporting a GPX file from my UK Ordanance Survey Maps account.
    Opened in the Drive App and does exactly the same thing, crashes the Garmin Drive App and crashes on opening thereafter.

    Lets hope Garmin fix this soon.

  • The more people that contact Garmin about the issue, the more likely they are to do something about it. Hint hint.

  • @Jimmy-Dorough I have already opened a ticked at Garmin.

  • Same problem.
    I downloaded the latest Garmin Drive version 4.15.02 on my iPhone 12.
    I have the latest IOS version installed.
    So far so good. Everytime I open Garmin Drive everything go's well.
    When I try to export a Route from MRA Planner (iPhone) to Garmin Drive the app (Garmin Drive) complete crashes and loses connection with m Garmin Zumo XT.
    I don't know what causes this problem. It might be the MRA export is doing it or its Garmin Drive itself of the combination with IOS 14.5.1.

  • @Albert-van-den-Elsen The problem is the Garmin drive app. The app was updated to 4.15.02 4 days ago.

  • Hi everybody! Im sorry to hear that there are problems with the Zumo XT and the connector. We just made a bug fix for the GPX 1.1 BETA file. Could you try export it again and let me know if the problem still occurs?

  • It is definitely a Garmin issue not iOS.
    I have an older iPad that I use when I go on Tour.
    I never allow anything to automatically update on this device, including iOS.

    I have just installed iOS 14.15.1 on this older iPAD.
    The Garmin Drive App on this is Version 4.13.32

    I can and just have transferred files using the MRA Beta GPX Export and the Garmin Drive app and I get the Track and the Trip Planner versions on the Garmin XT.
    No issues with the Garmin Drive App 4.13.32 and iOS 14.15.1

    No issues on my Samsung S10 5G Phone either but I never allow automatic updates on that device either.

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