Waypoints aren't 'announced'?

  • Hello All,

    I'm very new to MRA Navigation, so forgive me if this is a dumb newbie question!

    I tried the Navigation app for the first time today and it all worked very well.
    My only issue is the waypoints were not announced as I approached them. I've hunted through the settings, faqs and searched the forums and can't find a solution. I'd really like the waypoints to be announced as I approach, as I place them at coffee & lunch stops etc and don't want to miss the stop.

    How can I setup the route so that waypoints are announced?

    Thank in advance for your help.

  • Instructor

    Waypoints are not called up in the navigation app.

  • @Keith-Williams In addition to the answer by @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master , the best way to indicate stops etc is by using the via waypoint option by turning it into an ✋. From my understanding these via points are never automatically skipped, so by looking at the screen you can notice a i.e. red colored✋ and know it is one of your stops or any other reason for you wanting to exactly pass that waypoint. Still no announcements though!

  • That's a shame. My phone isn't directly in my eyeline, so it'd be possible for me to miss the stop quite easily. I'll practice some more, setting them as red via points as you suggest.

    Thanks for your help.

  • @Keith-Williams Ya, it is not ideal, but it might be improved in the future if you mention it in the great suggestion list 😄.

    For now maybe this'll help: I have the habit to use a regular pink waypoint with a "attention!" symbol attached to it, with the next waypoint being a red via point with the applicable symbol attached to it. By doing so, I know whenever I see a pink waypoint, something special is coming up. Example:


    This works absolutely perfect for me but.... My phone is in fact directly in my sight on my triumph Street triple since I have it mounted with a SP connect system to the handlebar clamp bolts.

    I utilize the MRA nav in 3d view too. By doing so one can see multiple waypoints ahead in the navigation window due to its viewing angle. This way you know quite far ahead what's coming. I.e.:

    Note though that in the Android app via points are not implemented yet. MRA team confirmed the update will come within the next two weeks. For now you'll only see the colored waypoints as regular points even though they are ✋ via points in the actual route.

  • Instructor


    Fill in the notification in the routepoint an tick on it when it is your sight

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