Garmin not following route

  • I created a round route in My Route, checked all the waypoints were correctly positioned and then exported to my Garmin Zumo 396. On the Garmin I have it as a route and a track but no matter what I choose, it will not follow the route or track and either try to take me back to where I have been or takes a more direct route. I gave up in the end and just went where I wanted but any ideas


  • Instructor

    Hi Perry,

    Did you use the Here map to create your route? (Only available if you have a gold account).
    If you make the track into a journey in your Zumo, this should work fine, provided the route was created or checked in the Here map. If you have used the OSM or TT card, this may indeed differ in your Zumo

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master
    Hi Hans, yes used HERE. I have checked on MyRoute and all fine but for some reason when sending to the unit it changes and tries to take me down a dead end road. Because I ride past this, it is constantly trying to take me back there


  • @Perry-4 Hai Perry, can you please make the route public and give us the URL so we can have alook at it?

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