New Toy Zumo XT

  • So I decided to get a new toy for routing UK Green Lanes.
    Garmin Zumo XT, as it has the functionality of Off Road very similar to Off Road Mode in MRA basically its a Track but it will not Route on Roads it just puts a line between points.
    I was dreading the thought of going anywhere near Basecamp.
    I knew I’d seen a video here regarding using the Garmin Drive App.
    I have the OS Maps app on my phone but prefer to use a proper Sat Nav, my trusty 550 Tom Tom doesn’t have the functionality and will always route on Roads.
    I am so looking forward to getting the Honda CRF 250 Rally out on the lanes, (Covid permitting obviously) safe in the knowledge that I won’t be enduring the wrath of the walkers for accidentally going on a Restricted Byway.
    I plot the green lane in the OS Maps app to ensure its correct.
    Transfer to MRA, I can then transfer to the XT via the Drive app on my iPad or my Samsung S10.

    Bring on the summer, I am sure I am not alone in being desperate to get some scenic miles with smiles in.

    Lets hope that the lockdown will ease up and I look forward to nodding you all out on the roads.

  • RouteXperts

    @Steve-Lynch Not long to go now, the 29th March can’t come soon enough for me. I suspect that a lot of the popular motorcycle hotspots including green lanes will be very busy, take it easy and stay safe.

  • @Nick-Carthew
    I always take it easy when off-road as my off-road skills are very questionable.
    Been trying to get some training since March last year, (CRF 250 Rally bought in Jan 2020) Covid lockdowns have scuppered that so far.
    Not sure whether to do Dave Thorpe’s or Triumph in Wales.
    Not even sure if going that far (I’m in South London) would be allowed from the 29th March?
    I know they have said you can travel “outside your local area” but it’s very vague. 😳

  • RouteXperts

    @Steve-Lynch I would guess May 12th might be a better date to aim for. If all things going to plan, you’re allowed to have a holiday as long as it’s self contained accommodation.

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