How to give an amazing introduction!

  • Welcome to the New Users' corner: the place where you can introduce yourself to other members. Here are some tips for replying to new users as well as tips on how to write a strong introduction!

    Tips for introducing yourself:

    • Consider writing an introduction that can also be used for your MyRoute-app account description
    • Tell us who you are by sharing some information about yourself, for example about your job or favorite activities
    • Explain how you found the forum and what you like about it

    Tips for replying to an introduction:

    • Both short and long welcome messages are still welcome messages. Saying hello or welcome never hurts to make someone feel like a part of the community from the start
    • We're usually very good in talking about ourselves. Now's the time to learn about someone else, feel free to ask questions and try to not turn the topic into a discussion about you.

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