Corona blues

  • Under normal circumstances ...

    I would now be checking the tyre pressure of my motorcyle, and prepare for a visit to the petrol station to fill it up.

    And the living room floor would be covered with clothes and other stuff, carefully selected to minimise weight, and still have everything on board I could reasonably need on a two week motor cycle trip

    and the GPs would be checked and checked again, to be sure that every route is on-board including some alternative routes in case of bad weather or other hick ups

    and the booking confirmation would be put in a water tight bag

    and, and, and ....

    Corona blues, what a pest

    I hope you are all well


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  • RouteXperts

    We would go to Spain in late June. Covid-19 put a stop to that, unfortunately ....
    At the end of June we went to the Black Forest for a week. Sure, quite different from the Pyrenees, but I certainly enjoyed myself there. Spain is now planned for next year.
    What I want to say is that you have to postpone your plans by Covid-19. There will come a time when the virus is under control and we can go wherever we want.

  • @Arno-van-Lochem

    Yep, we have to be patient and relax

    My father in law (93 years old and in good shape) thinks that we are strongly exagerating the magnitued of the crisis.

    Yes, he is scared, at his age that bug will kill him if it catches him, and he knows that and is extremily careful. But then, no bombs, no guns, no excecutions, no raids at night, no V-1, no V-2, no downed pilots to hide, no ambushes, no food shortage ...

    Everything is relative of course but if we get through this by folowing a few simple rules and instructions then we are lucky

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