• Garmin Drive Smart 55 changes the route completely after transfer from Myroutes
    How to manage this better ?

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    Use the track instemde of the route

  • Hello, thanks for the reply. I also have this issue whereby upon export to a Drivesmart 65 unit, it saves the waypoints but joins them with straight lines. I believe I exported as GPX 1.1 'route, track, POI'.

    Can you advise if this is right or if there is a better way to export that will preserve the track i.e. aligned to the actual tarmac'd bits?

  • @Dietmar-Frensemeyer @Phil-Beharrell Try exporting from MRA as a .gpx 1.0 file, rather than 1.1.

  • @PAD-0 I'll do that and report back asap, thanks.

  • A quick look on the web isn’t very revealing but, looking at the features available on these Drivesmart devices, I think they probably are Android based, like the Zūmo XT. Garmin seem very cagey about revealing their adoption of the Android OS - I haven’t a clue why though (maybe not wanting to frighten off users of iOS?). If I’m right, then they should be able to use .gpx 1.1, but trying 1.0 might just sort you out (backwards compatibility).

    Of course, thinking on, there is also the Zumo XT (GPX 1.1) option in MRA Connector’s ‘select your device’ dropdown. That has to be worth trying too. Maybe I should have thought of that as an option earlier, but I hope I’ll be forgiven as I’m still using a (apparently horrendously ancient😏) Zūmo 390 perfectly happily and with great reliability!🙂Again, I haven’t a clue why the XT needs its own ‘special version’ of what is the global standard file type??? But then, Garmin should've been using 1.1 for many years yet chose to stick with 1.0 until very recently, so maybe they just think of themselves as a bit ‘special’!

    I hope one, the other (or both) option gets you sorted out.

  • @Phil-Beharrell
    I’m fairly new to this and also use a Garmin (zumo 395 for motorcycles). Here’s what you can do to solve your problem…

    1. Import the new route as promoted by your Garmin
    2. Open the route in Apps/ Trip Planner
    3. You will see what might look like waypoints, but they aren’t, they have circle markers not waypoint flags.
    4. Tap the circle of your first ‘fake waypoint’… the Garmin will calculate briefly, them turn it into a proper waypoint
    5. Do this for each waypoint….. bit of a ball ache if you have a huge route

    I’ve created a quick MRA route called Test Garmin from my house to Manchester Airport non motorway. See pic for screen shots illustrating the above.61FFA637-F093-40AF-88A3-1CC8809E758E.jpeg

  • @Phil-Beharrell If you get straight lines, alter route to curvy roads, let it recalculate, then change it back to faster route, or visa versa, works for me on my BMW NAV VI ( Garmin ) Motorcycle satnav

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