Connect BMW Navigator VI to IPad Pro and transfer routes from MRA

  • For the Ipad users among us, it is possible to connect your BMW navigator to an IPad Pro where it will appear as an external storage location on your iOS file manager. It is then quite simple to save/export a route from the MRA website which will appear in the download folder in the file manager. From there you can move it to the GPX folder in your Navigator, and when you switch on your navigator after disconnecting it from your IPad you can import the route as normal. I am using an IPad Pro which has a USB-c connector. Not sure if it works with an iPad using a lightning connector.

  • I have an IPAD 11 Pro and that has a USB3 port. The OTG adapters are also available for the Lightning connection. The BWW normal USB cable is then connected to it.

    The route must be saved as a GPX file on the IPAD and it will be stored in the download folder on the IPAD. Then copy this file to the connected Satnav to the GPX directory using the file manager of the IPad. Then eject Zumo and kick off. After the restart, the new route is offered for import. The next steps are shown in the videos of MRA.

    Maybe this procedure will work for an iPhone as well.

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