5 poi appear when i tick on place in my poi personal library

  • can anyone tell me why multiple personal poi markers show up when i only tick one box in my personal poi library ??
    i created a number of poi markers (cafes) that we meet and start rides from, i did this by using manage poi, adding a poi to a route, saving that poi as a ov2 file to a folder on my hard drive, i then went to poi library and added that poi to my library.
    so when i create a route i can tick that particular cafe box in my library and it will show on the new route.................. this did work fine, but now for some reason, i get multiple poi markers all over the map when i just tick one box, instead of just the one i want !!

  • Instructor


    Hi Chris, can you share the file and make some screen prints?

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master

    hi thanks for the reply, i have to say sorry as i deleted the POI that i was having trouble with, as it was bringing up unsaved POI from an old route.
    if it happens again i will save it and let you know, i do think i know what caused it, but i am not sure until i try it again.
    kind regards
    chris p

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