Suggestion: Speed limit data for roads

  • Add speed limit data for roads. This is already available and open source from OpenStreetMap data.

    It would be really helpful to plot routes avoiding lower and urban speed limits. The create a route function is great and chooses good windy roads however sometimes when you come to ride the route you find those great bends are on low speed limit roads! If we had the speed limit data we could adjust routes accordingly.

    ITO World used to provide a speed limit map using OpenStreetMap data before they discontinued it. They confirmed to me they just used open source data to provide the service so hopefully it could easily be incorporated into MRA.

    See here: and here:

  • administrator

    Isn't it just a matter of knowing where the speed cameras are? We have those as POIs already. 😉

    Jokes aside, I think this is a good suggestion. I'll add it to the list. Speed limits are already shown in the Navigation app, so perhaps it'll be easy. But, to be entirely in front of conjecture, I'm not a developer so I really wouldn't know.

  • One thing is to find the speed cameras as a poi, but to be of practical use when driving:
    Could it also be an idea to do heavy flashing in red on screen if over speed limit when getting close (e.g. 300m) to camera.
    Flashing instead of sound since i'm riding a bike and no earbuds.
    If you know the location of the camera. You also know the position and speed of the vehicle.
    Sorry to say.. i have too many tickets 😞

  • @Will-Brooks Excellent suggestion - as you say some good looking routes turn out to have speed restrictions lower than you would expect - sometimes due to the road surface or an accident history, but having a layer (like traffic?) allowing an overlay colour coding the roads by 'national speed limit applies' and either specific colors for given speeds, or just a 'reduced speed' colour to highlight speed restrictions. Would be great for planning

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