Feature Suggestions - show routes in library

  • I would like to suggest a possible improvement on the route library.

    The suggestion is to show the route on the map when you hover over it.
    Now it takes too much effort. I made several routes and made them public but I find it already difficult to find a specific route just in my own library. I like the idea of sharing routes very much.

    As example i like how it is done in the route you website.


  • Instructor

    Hello Erik,
    This is on the Todo list and is being investigated this year

  • That would be so cool, and improve sharing greatly 🙂

  • Hallo, wie ich gesehen habe steht der Punkt auch schon in der Roadmap 1.4.
    Sehr gute Verbesserung, wenn man schon einige Routen gesammelt hat und sich kurz über den Verlauf dieser informieren möchte. Klaus

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