Unpaved roads vs color contrast and permanently closed roads motorcyclists

  • Hi, when I make a MRA route with the HERE map I see some roads are sligt grey collord. While driving I noticed that these are apparently the unpaved roads. I think the contrast of these gray roads on the map is too low. Is not clearly enough recognizable in the map when you make the route. A shade of darker gray (or another well-recognized color for unpaved roads) would help. Occurs on my PC, tablet and smartphone. So the cause is not my video card or screen
    I am familiar with the MRA tool to avoid unpaved roads. I don't want to use this. It's about choosing the right paved roads and recognizable (contrast ratio) unpaved roads myself. Are there more people who share this experiance? Solution?

    Second problem I have.
    While driving the route I made, I regularly cannot continue because the route then wants to enter a road that is permanently closed to motorcyclists. How are these roads recognizable in MRA HERE?

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  • When I look at the roads around me that I know are paved, they are the same color as the unpaved roads. I didn't think they were color coded in any way to differentiate paved/unpaved.

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    Hi Rene,
    The map maker determines the colors of the roads, so these cannot be adjusted by MRA. It is indeed true that the "Light Gray" roads in the Here map (Garmin) are unpaved, or at least covered with gravel. While this is not visible in the TomTom and OSM map.

    With regard to the closed roads in the Netherlands, I created a POI list for that, I have requested this information through the road authorities in the Netherlands and in many cases received it, I also get back from them that they pass this on to the map makers.

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    It depends on which card you use whether you can tell by the color whether it is a gravel / unpaved road.

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master said in Unpaved roads vs color contrast and permanently closed roads motorcyclists:


    It depends on which card you use whether you can tell by the color whether it is a gravel / unpaved road.

    Using HERE map and roads that I know are unpaved are the same color as the paved roads.

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    Helle Matt,




  • In this intersection these are all paved:


    But S Dip Creek Rd turns to unpaved just a couple miles south of this intersection and the color of the road doesn't change.

    So while it might work out to be correct in your area, it's not that way here. I can go find MANY MANY examples of this throughout my state. The colors simply don't indicate anything here.

    Here is another example of that same road (W Coyote Trl) just a couple miles to the east:

    Note how I am positioned at the end of the yellow and the road is obviously still paved moving forward (west)

    Following street view down the "S Dip Creek Rd", it goes from paved to unpaved with no difference in color:

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master
    Thank you for your comment Hans.
    Given the reaction of others, more riders are affected. Too bad Garmin hasn't noticed this yet. Or they have it on the to-do list.😉 If you zoom in far the light gray is reasonably distinguishable from the white roads. However, if a light gray road between a green area is on the map, I find it difficult.

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