MRA to TomTom MyDrive to TomTom Go Mobile

  • Hi all - I have a 2018 Gold Wing which supports Carplay. I am able to download gpx files from MRA to a USB stick then upload to the Gold Wing and use the build in Honda Nav for custom routes. This works ok as I just used it on a 1700 mile ride. However, the Honda GPS is not very used friendly so I'm trying to find a way to do the same to a GPS app that is supported on iPhone carplay. I would use Waze or Garmin if I could upload a multiple waypoint gpx to it but I haven't found a way. However, TomTom has a priced (not too expensive) mobile app that is now supported by Carplay. One of the MRA Save As options is to Tomtom MyDrive. From there I think the file can be used by the TomTom Go mobile app (I think it is now called Go Navigation). Anyone tried this or have an comment on what I cam trying to do. Thx...

  • I create my routes on the MRA website, then export them by using the "save as" and then "TomTom MyDrive beta. I navigate with a Kyocera Duraforce Pro cell phone that is not connected as a cell phone. WiFi at home to upload, then airplane mode while navigating, all the while mounted in a cradle with a disc charger underneath. Works great, but I do have to use the MRA app to do my tracking.
    Can't figure out how to use the app with my phone for navigation, as any of the buttons give me a server error message when I try to use them while on the WiFi?

  • @Don-e I think I found my answer. I was able to export a gpx file & import to TomTom MyDrive (the direct export from MRA did not work for me). Unfortunately, the IOS version of TomTom Go does not import routes from TomTom MyDrive. I read where it works on Android. I guess if want a user friendly GPS to display these complex routes built by MRA, I'll just need to buy a Garmin & upload the gpx files. Such a pity.

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