@Nick-2f A little advice for you to save you any possible problems. When you have finished planning your route, open route point 1 and use the magnifying glass 🔍 to fully zoom into your route point and adjust it so that the bottom tip is on the route line. Then use the right arrow button > to go to the next route point. Do this for all route points to check their positioning and accuracy. Some of the route points in the route that you shared are off of the line, This in itself may not cause problems but it can if the route points are too close to roundabouts, viaducts or junctions. The picture shows RP2, when you allow for little inaccuracies in satellite signals when the road was mapped and when you are using the route, your GPS device may think that RP2 is on the smaller road. This could cause one of those annoying messages asking you to Turn around when possible.