Updated Forum Rules + WIP on the awards system

  • Hello Community!

    Today we've worked on writing down forum rules that will be used and applied in every forum where you can create topics or respond to existing topics.

    As Community Manager it is my ambition to ensure that we have an open, fun and lively community. To that end I know from experience that there is nothing worse than turning your community into a miniature police state. That makes sense too: a forum is a place where people want to discuss things, and sometimes discussions may run high in emotions. All that is not neccecarily bad, however, I do want to keep things from escalating into things that affect life beyond these forums. That's where the rules come in. They provide a primer for the soon-to-be moderation team and will thus make for a great backbone of the community.

    Finally I'd like to point out that while we are effectively a corporate (MyRoute-app internal) forum, we want this forum to be a place where anything can be discussed: including our competitors and shortcomings. Of course, we won't allow trolling or false flagging, but that being said: established community members should feel the freedom to discuss things in a constructive and critical fashion.

    Finally we're going to be working on getting the awards system live. The designs for the first three tiers of awards have been finished in design. We're going to have to develop something to create the awards, but at the very least the forum allows for such a rewards system to be implemented.

    The award tiers will be:
    Forum Replies - from 1 reply to 1000 replies
    MRA created tracks - from 1 to 1000 recorded tracks in the MRA app (uploads don't count)
    MRA created routes - from 1 to 1000 created routes in MRA (uploads don't count)

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