Distance to next fuel station ?

  • Hello,

    I'm using MyRouteApp Navigation on my iPhone since a few years.

    I remember that I used to have a small icon with a number indicating the remaining distance for the nex gaz station along my way.

    But it is no longer there anymore.

    Did I turn off something by mistake ? I doubt it cause enve now, I sometimes see it coming back. Actually, i've seen it 2 times in my last summer which represnet at least 18 000Km on my motorcycle.

    That was really helpfull because there is no other way to easily look for gaz station in this app.


  • @Martin-Garand To my knowledge it will appear when applicable. Apparently in your route you did not pass a gasstation on the route? 🙂 I believe that is the criteria for any gas station to be shown. It shall be located on the road you pass.

  • @StefanHummelink That's what I thought. But, I use to pass pretty much at same place and before I was seeing that information in places I don't see it now.

    Someting seems to be broken either on the app or in the maps information

  • Quick update !

    I always use MRA Navigation in Offline mode.
    I tried to put it online and then return it to offline mode and now I have this icon back on my screen showing the distance of the next fuel station.

    But it looks like it is little different than before.

    I'm pretty sure that some times ago, it was always showing information about the next one in front of us on our route.

    Now (and it is like that Online or offline), I can see the distance to the next one, so it is decreasing until I get there.

    But, when there (0 Km remaining), I see it incresing considering that I'm getting away from it. So it is always showing the nearest one no matter if it is in front or back from us. As soon as the one in front of me is nearest than the one behind, it changes the distance according to that new one.

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