Garmin Drive App on iOS crashes on opening (New update from yesterday)

  • Yes no Garmin Drive crashes.

    I still get the issue of the last shaping point to the chequered flag being a dotted straight line in the Trip Planner on the XT.
    The Track is perfect.
    Hans said this was an MRA issue in another thread.

  • Hi All,

    It looks like the issue regarding the last Shaping point to the Chequered flag being a straight line is now resolved using the GPX 1.1 Beta export on my iPad Pro.

    I have made a route Public called Mendip TT that transfers to the Garmin XT Trip Planner perfectly now.

    I personally never use Via Points but I also added one in a copy of the Mendip TT file and this transfers to the Garmin XT Trip Planner perfectly as well.
    Mendip TT with Via Point is also public.

    Thank you Catalina. 👍

  • I have updated to 4.15.02 and the app starts without problems.
    iPad Pro 14.5.1

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