Creating a "My Ride" topic

  • If this section of the forum would have a smell, it would smell like oil, gasoline, metal and new cars. Welcome, to the dedicated "Ride" section of the forum! In this topic we'll walk you through the process of creating a good "My Ride" thread.

    Pro-est tip of all: share your "My Ride" topic in your MyRoute-app bio and under My Ride in MRA.

    Bikes, Bicycles, Cars, Campers.... Runners? Hikers?

    If you are a runner or hiker you might wonder whether or not you have anything to do in this forum. As far as we're concerned: you're all welcome. You are free to show off running or hiking gear in a topic. Just make sure that everything is recognizable as such and follow the guidelines in this thread and within the General Forum Rules.

    Pics please!

    Your ride is awesome not because of your technical description, but in large part because of how it looks. The distinctive shape, color and even scratches and dents make your ride, well, your ride. Really a "my ride" topic without pictures is just bad. Also grainy bad low-rez pictures won't do. It's your ride, your beautiful steed that takes you on adventures. It deserves some pictures if you take the effort of posting about it on an online forum. Here are some general ideas:

    • 🖼 at least one high quality overall picture that showcases your ride. No crap, just a well lit nice picture of your ride (and don't dare obscure your ride with some kind of lens flare or stuff)
    • 🌇 your ride in scenes (a parking lot, at the beach, in the woods, with people posing with it, etc.)
    • 🔍 detail pictures: a shiny Harley Davidson emblem, a close up of the wood paneling in a beamer, your helmet on the steer, etc.

    In general just keep in mind that we all want to primarily see what you're riding on and only then want to read more about it.

    Technical details

    Go ahead and post technical details of your vehicle or update your post when people find out technical details for you. Of course nobody expects you to explain what kind of bolts are used to fix the body to the frame, but a general indication would be great. Good to know information that everyone likes to know is:

    • ⏲ 0 to 100 measured in s
    • 💪 horsepower or cc
    • 👴 year
    • ⭐ special features

    Show interest

    Don't just dump a topic of your ride and never look back, update it and keep it actual. Also visit other people's threads and show some interest in your fellow riders.

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