How can I add a coffee stop in my route?

  • How can I add a coffee stop in my route? in the route HERE add poi coffee see it on the PC but when riding dont see anything?

  • When you found a spot to make your stop then add a waypoint. After making the waypoint you click on that waypoint, there you can find ADD PAUSE. Via the dropdown menu you can choice how long you want to take a break

  • @Leslie-Barnes It depends on your device. Which navigation device are you using?

  • Regardless of the program/app used, I avoid adding POIs to my routes as, over the years, I have found they can provide unreliable data. Petrol stations no longer in existence, cafés closed down, etc. I do use POIs in the planning stage, but only as an indicator of what might exist in an area. Based on them, I double check using other sources, such as Google Maps & Street View (always checking the date of the Street View imaging because it can vary widely) and following website links to a venue, etc.

    Once I’m satisfied that a venue or location checks out, I add it as a waypoint, label it appropriately and set it as a via point, rather than a shaping point.

    That might seem a bit OTT to some? But I plan a number of tours, group and long rides each year and I have found that this approach can save a lot of hassle on the road.

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